Paddy McGuinness has shocked fans with a video of his cat while sat on the toilet.

The Bolton comedian has been posting lots of fun videos on his Instagram account in the last few weeks to make people laugh.

One of them included a face filter which changed his appearance to give him a younger look.

Now, the funny man has posted another video shocking viewers this time as he appears to be sitting on a toilet while filming his cat.

In the video, Paddy’s cat can be seen ambling around the bathroom as Paddy complains ‘nothing is sacred.’

Paddy said in the video: “Can a man not have any peace?”

The cat is seen jumping on and off the bathroom sink.

Fans were beside themselves in the comments, with one saying: “I wouldn’t worry about the cat invading your privacy when you have just let around 2 million people know you’re having a poo mate.”

Others saw the funny side with one comment sharing they understood his plight: “My cats like to push the bathroom door open, check that I'm not hiding food in there, then bugger off leaving the door wide open so everyone can see me on the loo.”

The video was posted on Thursday and since then Paddy has been posting a lot of funny content.

On January 13, the Bolton-born comedian posted a video mocking the bag of crisps because they were an odd flavour – Grouse & Whinberry.

He used some choice words for the flavour before also posting a picture to his grid with the caption, “We’re all going to hell, and we deserve it.”

Earlier this month, Paddy told people to take down their Christmas decorations as they were still up on January 5.

Paddy sat in his car as he jokingly took a swipe at people who had yet to take down their trees and lights from the festive period.


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He looked to the camera and shouted “Get em down”, while looking disgusted that people still has decorations up past the new year.

The hilarious reel attracted a lot of comments with people divided on whether to side with Paddy or defend having decorations still up.