A man has been found guilty of raping a 70-year-old woman and sexually assaulting a teenage girl.

Issa Brayzi-Pour, 21, was brought before Bolton Crown Court to face a trial accused of two counts of rape, both committed against the 70-year-old in Farnworth, inciting a girl under the age of 16 to perform sexual acts and sexually assaulting the same girl.

Following a week long trial the jury has now convicted him on all four counts.

Of the 70-year-old earlier in the trial, prosecutor Henry Blackshaw said: "He left the scene, leaving her distressed and shocked.

"She phoned her son then the police, reporting she had been assaulted."

Over the course of the trial, Mr Blackshaw told the court how Brayzi-Pour, of Avondale Road, Wigan, raped his victim in summer of last year.

According to Mr Blackshaw Brayzi-Pour caught up with her and took hold of her hand, before leading her onto a side street and attacking her.

Just 12 days earlier on August 9 Brayzsi-Pour had sexually assaulted a teenage girl when she asked him for a cigarette.

Brayzi-Pour was arrested just days after assaulting the older woman.

At the time he told police he was at an address in Wigan at the time of the incidents, but he abandoned this alibi when DNA samples taken from the 70-year-old woman matched DNA samples taken from him in custody.

The 21-year-old, who was defended by Bunty Batra denied his crimes when brought to court

Via a Kurdish Sorani interpreter, he claimed that the teenage girl, who is under the age of 16, asked for some cash in return for 'a sexual interaction' while he was out for a walk.

He said he accepted, but he changed his mind after asking her age.

There was no sexual assault and no inciting a child to engage in sexual activity, he told the court.

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He also claimed that the pensioner had consented to sex.

But after hearing the evidence, the jury convicted Brayzi-Pour on all four charges.

Recorder Andrew McLoughlin ruled that the defendant will be brought back to court to learn his fate on May 5 this year.