Councillors and residents united last week to take part in a big spring clean-up – where almost 100 bags of rubbish were collected.

Westhoughton Liberal Democrat representatives and locals joined forces for three days last week to tackle the fly-tipping on the streets and it was a "huge success".

Residents even thanked those out and about litter picking – with one donating £40 for coffee which was then kindly donated to charity instead.

Cllr David Wilkinson was one of the organisers and he is telling people to watch this space as they plan to arrange future events.

He said: “The clean up went well considering it was our first one and hopefully next year will be even bigger and better.

The Bolton News: Westhoughton councillors litter pickingWesthoughton councillors litter picking (Image: Cllr Wilkinson)

“Some individuals did their own locations which they normally do but they said we will do it as part of the clean up, and the good thing was that quite a number of people did come out and residents who got involved.

“It was very successful, it was our first one and what it is doing is helping to build upon on what a lot of people do themselves.

"It is not just us, there are a lot of individuals who put out green bags filled with fly-tipping and rubbish every week.

“The number of people who also do litter picking off their own backs is also growing.

“People came out to help and others have come forward since asking if they can have a litter picker and some bags to continue the efforts.

“We lost count on how many bags were filled but we had at least 85 but there was definitely more.

“We managed to find large road signs in the grass, bits of cars such as wheel trims and lumps of plastic, obviously where collisions had taken place.

“We didn’t litter pick anything too extravagant and strangely enough I don’t think we had a traffic cone.

“There was a lot of material and this stuff gets buried with grass growing on top and leaves falling down and there has been occasions where wildlife have been stuck in litter."

Cllr Wilkinson has praised those that got involved in the clean up.

He added: “It is sad that people just don’t give a monkey’s but we were so pleased that a lot of people came forward and the number of people who said thanks for what we were doing was great and people were driving past pipping their horns.

The Bolton News: Westhoughton councillors and residents took part in the Big Spring Clean UpWesthoughton councillors and residents took part in the Big Spring Clean Up (Image: Cllr Wilkinson)

“And on the Sunday, we had this chap who gave us £40 and told us to grab a coffee, which was really kind of him.

“We all said we would donate it to Westhoughton Assist Service who do so much for people in need in Westhoughton.

“We came out here for the fun of it so we thought it would be nice to donate the money to charity instead.

“The clean-up was very effective and we are looking to do more and also different things as well because it was such a good community activity.

“Watch this space.”

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