Two young skaters have placed highly in a competition despite their skates being stolen prior to it.

Fifteen-year-old Ellora and 12-year-old Molly Openshaw were left in tears when their mum, Karen Valentine, told them their roller skates had been stolen from the boot of a car on January 19 in Harwood.

The two sisters are exceptional skaters and were due to compete in a competition, making it crucial they found their skates to train and compete with.

A fundraiser was started and the girls eventually bought new ones.

Molly since won a gold for her dance routine in the National Skating Competition.

The Bolton News:

Ms Valentine said: “Thankfully, two weeks prior to the National Competition, Ellora and Molly got new skates, the Go Fund Me raised a lovely amount of £320, which contributed to purchasing skates for the girls.

“We couldn’t believe the effort, generosity and kindness regarding the fundraising from Red Rose team, family, friends and other clubs across the country."

Molly was loaned skates while she didn’t have her own by another coach, while a friend lent Molly hers.

Ms Valentine said: “It was so kind of them otherwise the girls would not have been able to practice for the competition.

“We were worried the girls would take some time to get used to their new skates but at the nationals, they both skated beautifully and did us so proud.

“Molly came away with gold for her dance routine, which was fantastic.”

The skates were in expensive Zuca skate bags that has been in the boot of Ms Valentine’s car, when her car was broken into.

The Bolton News:

She said: “Thankfully it was a good outcome to something so cruel and devastating for the girls, and we managed to get their bags back as one of my friends popped into a Cost Convertor shop in Bury and saw them for sale.

“Obviously the police were contacted, and we eventually got them returned.”

It often takes time for skaters to get used to new skates, but Molly trained for only two weeks in her new skates before winning gold.

Her coach Nikki Lohan said: “It’s a real achievement after all she went through and they both skated beautifully.”