Are you looking for somewhere nice to explore this weekend?

Well, The Bolton News decided to ask Chat GPT, an artificial intelligence chatbot developed by OpenAI, “please could you tell me 5 of the best walks in Bolton.”

Within 10 seconds, the AI chatbot said “certainly! Here are five of the best walks in Bolton” and shared a list of ‘great’ walks to explore in the area.

Here is the list the AI came up with and the software even offered a brief explanation of each of the walks:

The Bolton News: Jumbles Country ParkJumbles Country Park (Image: Newsquest)

Jumbles Country Park: This beautiful park offers a range of walking trails through woodlands, meadows, and around a reservoir. The circular route around the reservoir is particularly popular, offering stunning views of the water and surrounding countryside.

The Bolton News: Moses Gate Country ParkMoses Gate Country Park (Image: Newsquest)

Moses Gate Country Park: Another great park to explore, Moses Gate Country Park has a variety of walking routes to choose from. The park is home to several lakes, woodlands, and a nature reserve, providing a diverse range of landscapes to enjoy.

The Bolton News: Rivington PikeRivington Pike (Image: Newsquest)

Rivington Pike: For a more challenging walk, head to Rivington Pike. This hill offers stunning views over Bolton and the surrounding area. There are several different routes up to the top, ranging in difficulty, so there's something for all abilities.

The Bolton News: Smithills Open FarmSmithills Open Farm (Image: Newsquest)

Smithills Open Farm: This walk is ideal for families with children. The farm offers a range of animals to see, including goats, pigs, and horses, as well as a play area and picnic site. There are also several walking trails through the surrounding countryside.

The Bolton News: Leverhulme ParkLeverhulme Park (Image: Newsquest)

Leverhulme Park: This park is popular with walkers and joggers alike. The park offers a large lake, woodlands, and a nature trail, providing plenty of opportunities to enjoy the outdoors. The park also has several sports facilities, including a running track and football pitches.

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