Model, reality TV star and businesswoman Faryal Makhdoom has spoken of her upset at the amount of rubbish dumped close to a wedding venue her husband Amir Khan is financing.

And she urged people to keep Bolton - her husband's hometown - clean.

Faryal spoke exclusively to The Bolton News to express her concern for the amount of fly-tipping occurring on Back Deane Road, against the wall of the Excellency Plaza, which is currently being developed on Washington Road in Daubhill.

The Bolton News: Junk at the site

Rubbish is said to be dumped on  back streets and despite being outside of the venue itself, the famous couple have had the tip removed numerous times in order to keep the area looking nice.

Faryal said: “We are trying to make Bolton a better place. We’re building a huge wedding hall and have spent £15million on it.

“Amir could have chosen any place, but he chose Bolton because it’s his hometown.

“We’re building a nice site so it’s really sad to see that people are still leaving junk and things around and every time we pick it up and clean the area, the same thing happens again.

“So, we’re trying to do something for the community and people are not helping.

“I want to say from myself and Amir to keep Bolton clean and try to help it like we are.”

This is not the first time the Khans have had to clear up from the area.

Faryal said: “It’s happened so many times.

The Bolton News: Faryal MakhdoomFaryal Makhdoom

“We’ve obviously had it a few years and it will finally be ready to open in October so it’s almost there.

“It’s sad it’s still happening, how many times can you get it clean?

“It’s a place where people can visit and come to take pictures, but rubbish has appeared five to six times now.”

The Bolton News:

She said: “Amir was born and bred here so he wants to give back to the community.

Bolton is close to our hearts, we still have a house in Bolton and I do have a little love for Bolton.

“We live in a nice part and people should want to keep their areas clean because it’s not nice to see the junk.”

The wedding venue will feature 18 retail units on the ground floor devoted to wedding businesses, three wedding halls and a restaurant, alongside a rooftop shisha bar.

Plans to the hall includes a river stream from the outside flowing inside to the wedding stage with the floors estimated cost at £1million.