The devasatating impact of drugs on a community and friends has prompted a newly elected councillor to take action.

Cllr Jack Khan is using his new position on the council, representing the Rumworth Ward, to launch a new project to deter people from taking drugs after seeing how the substances took hold of the lives of old friends.

He will give talks on the impacts of taking drugs to mosques, community hubs, and schools, in an effort to tackle the ongoing drug problem.

The councillor spoke about his experience growing up in Rumworth where he saw first hand what drugs were doing to his former friends and others around him.

Cllr Khan said: “My experience comes from humble beginnings on a very small council estate, and so perfectly decent people were taking drugs and dropping out of colleges.

The Bolton News: Cllr Jack Khan

“They were missing out on their own lives, and I have seen first-hand my own friends that have lost so much by taking drugs, losing family and selling anything to get money.”

The councillor and his drug fighting team say they are available for any school, community hub or religious places of worship to deliver their talks on drugs.

He said: “We have seen what it can do as well as the cost of it, and what it makes you do afterwards.

“A lot of people will feel superhuman taking drugs but then they feel nothing.

“A lot of people especially teens are being targeted or pressured, and they think they should take drugs too.

“So, I think we should have a team to combat this.

"Drugs is a growing problem in Bolton especially with younger people taking this laughing gas, and I want to prevent this and promote things like martial arts and youth clubs to get involved in."

Cllr Khan said he received many calls about the drug problem in Rumworth.

During the talks, Cllr Khan and his team talk about how drugs can affect one’s appearance, the costs, and what it can do to mental health as well as family life and career.

He said: “I feel that if a lot of people actually knew what drugs can do, they would think about taking any sort of drugs.

“If parents would talk to their children about it more, it could also prevent the problem.”