Advice has been issued after fans returning from watching mega superstar P!NK complained they were stuck in traffic for up to two hours.

Now concert goers are being advised to plan ahead and expect delays today after P1NK again takes to the stage in Bolton tonight.

Some concert goers took to social media to complain about the delays getting out - while others said they had a swift exit and home in 20 minutes.

University of Bolton stadium bosses, where P!NK kicked off her world tour,  have now said that they are ‘reviewing the traffic management plan in place ahead of this evening’s show’.

A spokesperson for the University of Bolton Stadium said: “Following an incredible opening night of P!NK’s sensational Summer Carnival Tour 2023, at which we welcomed over 35,000 people to the University of Bolton Stadium, we are aware that some concert-goers experienced traffic and congestion issues when departing the site.

“Working closely with the relevant authorities, we are reviewing the traffic management plan in place ahead of this evening’s show, with a view to mitigating these issues and improving the experience for all those visiting the stadium for tonight’s second concert.”

Cllr Andy Morgan said the delays are to be expected due to 35,000 people being in attendance at the gigs and all leaving at the same time.

He has advised people to plan ahead, enjoy the gig but expect delays.

Cllr Morgan said: “The traffic was pretty grim; it took us an hour to get away from the stadium, but it is well sign-posted.

“A lot of people came from out of town and didn’t know how the traffic flowed here and how they could get out, but a lot of the reasons were that people were jumping lights.

“The major congestion points were at the lights with people moving past the traffic lights so when they turned green nobody could move.

“The highways team have done the best job they can with the circumstances, but at the end with all those people leaving the stadium at the same time there is bound to be issues.

“I would advise people abide by the traffic signals and don’t ruin what was an absolutely amazing experience.

“There is clear signage for drop off and pick up, there is clear signage for the taxis and buses and I would just tell people going tonight to be aware that you are going to be delayed at the stadium because you know its 30,000 people with about 20,000 vehicles leaving within the space of 10 or 15 minutes.

“It is bound to cause congestion, work it into your plans and don’t let it ruin what will be an amazing night.

“Plan for some delay leaving and you won’t be disappointed.”

Although some did experience large delays due to car parking and traffic heading towards the motorway, others found it to be an easy and pleasant experience, leaving the stadium via Chorley New Road.

One concert goer said: "Amazing concert and I'd suggest getting dropped off and picked up away from the stadium if you can, we did and had no trouble getting there or home at all, we walked from and towards the Beehive."

Another posted on social media: "We were out of the ground within minutes of it ending and then sat on a shuttle bus for nearly 2 hours!!"

One fan also took so social media stating: "Absolutely amazing night ! They’ve been telling everyone all week to pre plan if you choose to leave it last minute  I was home and tucked up in bed for 11.25."

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