Calls have been made for speed limits to be reviewed on a road where there have been a number of crashes.

The issue was raised during a PACT meeting  - Partners and Communities Together - in Astley Bridge.

Residents attending the High Lawn Primary and Nursery School residents raised concerns about the changing speed limit on Moss Bank Way, and Belmont Road in the area.

One resident was especially concerned that the speed limit on a stretch of Moss Bank Way was 40mph given that there are schools nearby, houses and a park, and children close by.

Incidents on the road include a a girl taken to hospital with leg injuries on Moss Bank Park in May of this year, as well as a full inquiry also being looked into after a girl was also injured in March on the road.

The Bolton News:

Ward councillor Hilary Fairclough said: “I believe Transport for Greater Manchester (TfGM) are doing something to look at speed limits.

“Since the young girl was injured on Moss Bank Way people have been asking for the road to be reduced in speed.

“It does need relooking at.

“The number of people that go up the road and the changing limits, I think it’s shocking they have not put cameras on that junction.

“TfGM have not put cameras at the junction so it’s not just the number of accidents.”

The speed limit changes from 40 mph on Moss Bank Way to 30mph before coming on to Crompton Way, and then back to 40mph again.

The speed limit also changes from 30mph on Crompton Way to 40mph on Moss Bank Way and then back to 30mph again.

The Bolton News:

Another resident was particularly concerned over children not taking care when crossing near Sharples Park, and cars driving up to 50mph near Moss Bank Way and Thornleigh Salesian College.

She said: “The children are on the pavements with their ipods and phones at the bottom of Sharples Park on Moss Bank Way and they are not taking care.

“Sharples Park is 20mph and 90 per cent of cars come down there at 50mph.”

Inspector Lisa Clarke and Cllr Fairclough, along with Bolton highways have met with the head teacher of Thornleigh to look at what action can be taken to improve safety and discourage parents from parking on the cycle lanes whilst dropping off or picking up their children.

There is also expected to be an action day with highways, the police, and the school in September.

Inspector Clarke has urged anyone to report any concerns to the highways team so that informed decisions can be made.

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