The wheels are in motion to restore one of Bolton town centre’s most beloved landmarks.

Town hall leaders announced this week that they intend to get the Steam Engine monument just behind the iconic Fred Dibnah statue moving again.

This comes after recent work between council official and the Bolton Steam Engine Society to look at how the monument can be brough back to life.

Council leader Cllr Nick Peel said: “It’s one of the main things that makes the town centre more attractive and getting it working again has been one of our aims since we first came back into office.”

He added: “In fact, work may have already started today it getting it working again.”

The Bolton News: Bolton Steam MuseumBolton Steam Museum (Image: Newsquest)

Cllr Peel said that like many other people he had fond memories of seeing the Steam Engine display in full motion in years gone by.

He said: “The machine has been inactive for a long time now but I remember when I was a kid coming into Bolton town centre and seeing it up and running so we really want new generations now to be able to see it for themselves.”

Once the engine is in motion again it will then be maintained by Bolton Steam Museum.

Getting the Steam Engine working again has long been a favoured cause for many of the borough’s political representatives and town hall officials.

Bolton West and Atherton MP Chris Green has said that he too has long wanted to see the monument restored to its former glory.

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He said: “Celebrating our heritage in Bolton is incredibly important.

“That is why I am pleased that Bolton Steam Museum are once again able to maintain the steam engine in the town centre.

“I have spent months pressing the council to allow this to happen and I am sure that everyone will be glad to see the Steam Engine running again.”

Cllr Peel has said that he expects to see the Steam Engine in full motion again by the start of this year’s Bolton Food and Drink Festival.

The festival will run from Friday August 25 to Monday August 28.