The installation of four sets of traffic lights to replace a zebra crossing is still causing a huge problem for residents in the area, almost six months on.

The pedestrian crossings were installed in February, with two on Chorley Old Road, one on Moorside Avenue, and another on New Hall Lane.

Cllr Roger Hayes says that three crossings were originally consulted on, although he says councillors had only requested one puffin crossing to replace the zebra crossing, to make it safer.

Ian Longthorne, who lives on Chorley Old Road, says that the scheme has had a negative impact on his quality of life and has concerns over the environmental impact.

He said: “It’s not a good situation because of all the vehicles are lined up constantly.

The Bolton News: Cars coming out of Moorside Avenue where there is a puffin crossing, before turning on to Chorley Old RoadCars coming out of Moorside Avenue where there is a puffin crossing, before turning on to Chorley Old Road (Image: Newsquest)

“The traffic is building up and it’s really unpleasant.

“You have to close your front curtains because so many people can peer into your house, and you want to have that privacy.

“From around 7am until around 7pm we have lines of cars trucks and buses bellowing out engine fumes, noise and vibration.”

Ian says that he believes that the congestion has continued to get worse ever since the scheme was installed.

He added: “We never used to have lines of vehicles outside.

“Now if people are crossing, cars end up all the way down the road for long periods of time.

“The scheme was over designed and a great deal of money wasted.”

Other concerns have been raised about potential accidents due to confusion created by the junction, especially when drivers are coming out of Moorside Avenue, and not knowing that residents are then crossing on Chorley Old Road.

The Bolton News: New Hall lane puffin crossing  on the opposite side to Moorside AvenueNew Hall lane puffin crossing  on the opposite side to Moorside Avenue (Image: Newsquest)

This is due to the traffic lights being green for Moorside Avenue, while being red on Chorley Old Road, with locals saying it is difficult to see the pedestrians – who are then crossing when motorists are turning the corner.

Cllr Hayes says that following a survey that was carried out in the area, out of 200, 90 people responded, and most people said that the road was worse now than before the scheme.

He said: “The main concerns were over the congestion, particularly at peak times, as well as the right-turn lane on Moorside Avenue being used to turn left, and the bus stop becoming blocked.

“Some pedestrians don’t wait for the green man because it takes so long, so they wait until it’s clear, but there are cars coming from the side roads.

The Bolton News: Near the junction of Moorside AvenueNear the junction of Moorside Avenue (Image: Newsquest)

“The whole thing is a nightmare.

“We were promised if it wasn’t working after six months, we would be in a position to review it to get something sensible.

“And it will be six months in August.”

Cllr Hayes says himself, along with other councillors in the area, have written to councillors in Heaton and Lostock to ask what their views are.

It forms part of the Bee Network Crossings aimed at making areas safer, aiming to encourage more people to walk and cycle short journeys.

Richard Nickson, director of cycling and walking at Transport for Greater Manchester (TfGM), said: “Bolton Council put forward proposals to upgrade the crossing facilities on Chorley Old Road and worked with TfGM on the scheme design and delivery.

“The new traffic-light controlled junction with pedestrian crossings, which became fully operational in March, has been designed in accordance with the required standards and forms part of a wider ambition to deliver a high-quality network of infrastructure to enable more people to walk, wheel and cycle safely in Greater Manchester.

“TfGM will be leading on the upcoming evaluation of the scheme and will be taking people’s feedback on board as part of that exercise.”

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