A historic clock in Bolton town centre that has stood still for years is set to start ticking again.

The terracotta and stone tower clock at Bolton Train Station on Trinity Street first stopped working in 2002.

But now times are changing with a raft of town centre improvement works announced at a recent town hall meeting.

Addressing the gathering, Cllr Sean Fielding said: “For many years arrivals at Bolton Railway Station were welcomed to town by a clock that was stuck at ten past five.

“I would argue that the failure of the previous administration to get this fixed was symbolic of the council’s wider approach to investment and regeneration under the Conservatives, the consequences of which are plain to see for anybody visiting Bolton.

The Bolton News: The clock could soon be ticking againThe clock could soon be ticking again (Image: Newsquest)

“I recently noticed that the clock is now set at 12’o’clock.”

But Conservative Cllr John Walsh has since pointed out that the clock having stopped in 2002 meant that it has spent longer not working under Labour than Conservative run councils.

He also pointed out that previous attempts had in fact been made to get the clock working.

Cllr Walsh said: “The fact is historically, the clock was relocated by the Greater Manchester Transport Authority as it was then in the late 80s when the station was first built.”

The Bolton News: The Steam Engine monument will soon be moving againThe Steam Engine monument will soon be moving again (Image: Newsquest)

He added: “I know that attempts were made in the past to get the clock working again and that Stuart Haslam, as executive member for transport, had tried to get liability.”

Further special projects have included plans to get the Steam Engine monument in the town centre working again as well as the market cross being painted again on Churchgate and to illuminate the cenotaph in Bolton town centre.   

The Bolton News: The Market Cross is set to be repaintedThe Market Cross is set to be repainted (Image: Newsquest)

But again, Cllr Walsh has said that though he welcomes moves like these they had spent as long or longer in states of disrepair under Labour than Conservative run councils.

He said: "In terms of the Market Cross I'm delighted that its going to be done, I think it was last repainted about 25 years ago so its periodical rather than annual.

"But again my points would be the same, which is that it had been unpainted for as long under Labour, the same with the cenotaph and other town centre monuments."

The Bolton News: The town centre cenotaph will be illumintatedThe town centre cenotaph will be illumintated (Image: Newsquest)

Having first frozen in time in 2002, the clock hands then did not move at all until 2007 when £30,000 restoration project got it working again.

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But in 2014 the clock then started to go backwards and as it stands all four clock faces now appear to be stuck at noon.

But responding the Cllr Fielding’s question, Cllr Martin Donaghy said that work would soon get underway.

He said: “As children’s services and special projects member I am empowered by Cllr Kurram to say that indeed discussions are underway with TfGM, the relevant parts for the clock have been ordered and the clock will be running again very soon.”

"Also am empowered by the culture member to say that the Steam Engine will be running again on the precinct.

"The Market Cross will be painted in bold again on Churchgate.

"The Cenotaph which has been in darkness for 18 months will be illuminated again and as we have already said, the clock will run again."