Could aliens have visited Bolton?

Given there have been at least 10 UFO sightings reported, including one which led to specialist investigators coming to town, quite possibly.

Extra-terrestrial researchers Ash Ellis and Abigail Hyslop, of UFO Identified, travelled to Bolton following a report of a “'brilliant, very bright turquoise ball of light coming down at a 45-degree angle from the sky'.

The witness reportedly was sitting on her bed talking to a friend on WhatsApp when she looked out the window and something appeared to come down behind a row of houses and into a Seven Acres Country Park, in May last year.

However, it was debunked by the investigators who concluded that the light seen in the sky was a meteor.

While this case was solved, there have been nine others that remain a mystery.

Speaking about the sightings in Bolton, Ash, owner of UFO Identified, said: “Greater Manchester had the most UFO reports in the UK last year, this could be due to the dense population of the county.

“We had recently come out of lockdown, there is a trend that at times of stress we humans tend to look for answers in places where we might not have looked before – this has been evident in the past, for example during the Cold War there were increased reports globally.”

According to data from UFO Identified, the most recent sighting came one evening in February this year in Worsley.

The report stated: “Two bright objects in a strange formation, stationary hovering above one another then flew away at incredible speed.”

The Bolton News: Bolton included in area with the most UFO recordings last year Image: N/A

In 2022, there were five UFOs sighted in Bolton between March and December, the first was described as “perfectly round glowing ball was moving all over the place, very fast” and just weeks later another was spotted.

In that case reports came in of a “white reflective 'tic-tac' object, floated slowly before disappearing and appearing approximately two miles away”.

Sightings come in at all times of the day.

The next came two months later in May, when a meteor landed in Seven Acres Country Park at gone midnight.

In July, shortly before 1am someone witnessed a “very bright and perfect circle with a shimmer of light around it moving approximately 500mph with no sound at all”.

Two weeks before Christmas in the early evening, a “large orange pulsating object appeared out of nowhere, shrank to a small white dot before flying cross the sky”.

In 2021, there were three sightings in Bolton, one at 5pm in February when “two doughnut shaped UFOs” were spotted “moving at speed across the sky”.

Eight months later during the evening a “bright orb light appeared near Darwen Tower and disappeared as quick as a flash”.

In November of the same year, a “green disc-shaped object” was spotted in the sky, while in September over in Tyldesley, a resident witnessed a “bright light” travelling “at a very fast pace, high up in the dark sky, making no sound”.

Daniel Bramwell says he was outside having a cigarette on November 4 in Ingledene Grove, Smithills, when he noticed faint coloured outlines in the sky which he took a picture of to show his girlfriend.

He then forgot about the pictures and came across them while later filming a TikTok video on November 13, and when he looked back at the pictures he saw a strange object in the sky.

The Bolton News: Bolton included in area with the most UFO recordings last year Image:

There may be even more sightings reported in and around the Greater Manchester, Lancashire border in the last six months, but for a software issue on UFO Identified’s database.

The Bolton News reported in December how a photographer who stopped to capture the stunning architectural beauty of Bolton Parish Church against the night sky has been left mystified by an unidentified flying object - a UFO- near the tower.

Since records began in 2021, there have been 950 sighting in the UK, 412 in the first year, 493 in the second and just 45 in 2023.