Bolton could be prepared to stop using a weed killer that has been found to be harmful to bees and to pollute plants.

Glyphosate is often used on plants and grassy areas as a weed killer by public authorities across England including by Bolton Council, but its use has often been controversial.

But a town hall meeting last week heard how the council could be willing to stop using the weed killer because of the damage it causes to the environment.

Bolton Council director of place Jon Dyson said: “We know that there are a number of authorities who have opted to move to more environmentally friendly products and we have an opportunity to explore different procurement options moving forward.

“But equally at this moment in time glyphosate is probably still considered to be the most effective treatment and probably the most commonly used within the industry.

The Bolton News: The issue was discussed at Bolton Town HallThe issue was discussed at Bolton Town Hall (Image: Newsquest)

“But again I suspect that pressure will move to our authority as it has to other authorities to perhaps review our objections moving forward so that we move to a more environmentally friendly product.

“So certainly we can make a commitment to review that moving forward.”

Mr Dyson made these points at a meeting of Bolton Council’s place scrutiny committee on Tuesday August 22.

He had been responding to questions from Cllr Sean Fielding, who represents the Breightmet area, who said Bolton could possibly take inspiration from other councils around the country who have banned glyphosate.

Despite this there is no national ban on using glyphosate in urban areas across the UK.

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Though he did not call for an immediate ban on the weed killer in Bolton he said he still felt that the council should be prepared to look at other more environmentally friendly options.

Cllr Fielding said: “Glyphosate has been found to be carcinogenic, cancer-causing, and harmful to bee colonies, which pollinate the plants on which we all rely for food.

“Many other councils have stopped using it for this reason and I think Bolton should look at joining their ranks.

“I'm glad that director of Place Jon Dyson said that there is an opportunity to look at this.”