Residents have been told to remove welcome mats from outside their front door - as they are a potential fire hazard.

Sue and Keith Jones have lived in a flat in a Bolton at Home run complex in Over Hulton for four years and have kept a mat outside their door since they moved in.

But Mrs Jones says a Bolton At Home warden told the residents last week that they cannot keep them anymore as they could be  a potential fire hazard.

Mrs Jones and many others are unhappy with the rule as they say they feel they are being told how to live in their own homes, and the mats have never been a problem before.

Mrs Jones, 69, said: “The warden said we cannot have a mat at the door as it is a fire hazard, but we have things like candles and lights in the flat, are these a fire hazard too?

The Bolton News: Sue Jones outside her home

“This is our home not an old people’s home and we know we can be safe with a mat.

“It is so silly that they are even saying we cannot have pictures in this area on the wall, when none of this is making a difference.”

Bolton At Home said the rule was to prevent blocking escape routes.

A spokesperson for Bolton at Home, said: “We have a responsibility to make sure communal areas in our properties are kept clear of potential obstructions and trip hazards so, if there was a fire, there would be nothing blocking escape routes, or hindering the Fire Service in their rescue duties.

“We’ve met with residents following the introduction of enhanced fire safety legislation since the Grenfell Tower tragedy, and will continue to work with them to help keep them safe.”

Mrs Jones recalls other people in the complex also have mats and are equally unhappy with the new rule as they want to keep their mats.

She said: “We all wonder what they will say we cannot have here next.

“A lot of people here feel the same way and our neighbours are up in arms as well and have put their mat back out.

“We do not want more silly rules coming in as well.”

The Bolton News: The welcome mat

Mrs Jones said: “They have asked us before not to put anything on the landing, but not allowing a mat is ridiculous.

“It’s just a funny little mat, it makes conversation and it’s yours and so it’s your right to have it there.”

“It’s just aggravating when people are telling you what you can and cannot do in your own home, and the mat is in a no-smoking area so what do they think will happen?”