The start of Black History Month is almost upon us, and there are a whole host of exciting activities taking place in Bolton to mark the occasion.

Members of the Bolton Black History Group will kick off the annual event today (Saturday September 30) from 1pm-4pm, where they will come together at Bolton Central Library in Crompton Place.

The theme for the event is 'Black is Beautiful' which will look at the wider meaning of the term, made prominent in the USA in the late 1960s, later spreading to South Africa, and the writings of Steve Biko.

This will also be followed by exhibits of ‘natural’ Afro and other Black hairstyles, and a demonstration of hair braiding by Bolton’s Majesty’s Unisex Salon.

The Bolton News: The session will include a playlist with music from well-known Black artists like Nina Simone, James Brown, as well as some equal rights’ protest songs from the 1960s until now.

Founder of the group Marlene Walker said: “We’re inviting Boltonians to come and have a joyful experience in the Black community, participating in our planned fun events, which will be shared with Bolton Central Library and the University of Bolton.

“This is also important to everyone who wants to discover a true record of the past and its impact, during Black History Month in October.”

The Bolton News:

People will also be able to see an award presented to a local school student for the best Black History Month poster design.

Other events throughout the month include a visit from singer songwriter Yvadne who will showcase her love for jazz at a fundraising event, in aid of The Steve Sinnott Foundation on October 7 from 7.30pm.

Throughout her performance Yvadne will address the issue of ‘period poverty’ across the world, hoping to raise awareness in African and Asian communities.

On Columbus Day – Monday October 9 from 7.30pm – the group will host a quiz night, and as a build-up to this they will debate ‘Who really discovered America?’.

This will also include a free buffet for those taking part.

To find out more information on what else is taking place follow their official Facebook page ‘Bolton Black History Group’.

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