October has arrived and with it, a host of spooky-filled fun for all the family to enjoy together as well as adults.

There is something for everyone this Halloween in Bolton, for the youngsters to the easily scared, down to the brave souls looking for the fright of a lifetime.

The Bolton News has rounded up a list for the best things to do in Bolton this Halloween season.

1. Smithills Ghost Tour

The Bolton News:

Starting off with this annual tradition, the Smithills Ghost Tour is back for another year teaching you everything you need to know about the historic building in the process.

But for £65 you can stay here overnight and experience a truly chilling evening listening out for anything that goes bump in the night.

There’s a glass divination experience, table tipping, an Ouija board, and a group human pendulum experiment.

Ghost sightings are apparently common here, so if you’re easily spooked, try something more fun on our list.

The overnight tour takes place on Saturday, October 28 from 9pm for £65.

To get tickets visit the event website.

2. Ghost Train

The Bolton News: The Halloween event at ELR

The East Lancashire Railway is offering a unique opportunity for families with children to hop on their ghost train this Halloween.

Taking place over the last weekend in November, this is an 80-minute journey complete with stops to see a haunted house and is an interactive experience with animatronic creeps and kooks, and ‘ghostess with the mostess’ Bob the Zombie and Count Brian the Vampire will be on hand to welcome visitors aboard the iconic ‘Scream Train’.

Children will also get a free goody bag full of tricks and treats in return for helping the Monster Squad vanquish the ghoulies.

To book this, visit the website.

3. Halloween Cross-Trail

The Bolton News: Halloween

A chilling adventure has arrived at Leverhulme Park in Bolton this year, with a Halloween Cross-Trail which will six pet-trailing teams battle it out through water and woodland to find a missing ‘hell-hound.’

The trail will be through woodland, across water over natural obstacles requiring your specialist skills as a dog handler.

This is only for experienced people and is priced at £65.

Visit the website for more details.

4. Pumpkins and Popcorn Halloween Trail

The Bolton News: The Halloween event at ELR

This is an event which everyone can do – and it involves popcorn.

Taking place at The Hub in Westhoughton, it’s a treasure trail for all ages and will also teach you all about the town.

There will be music and games, and a move night taking place with all the snacks you can think of.

For tickets or information, please email bcceventshlb@yahoo.co.uk or 07788 156080

5. Halloween Roller Disco

The Bolton News: Halloween

Turton Sports Centre is holding its very own roller disco on Friday 27, with everyone welcome.

Skates are only £5 to hire and fancy dress is encouraged as you whizz round to ghoulish tunes.

Visit the website to book your space at this fun filled party.

6. Pumpkin picking at Smithills Farm

The Bolton News: There are various pumpkin patches to find throughout Sussex Image: PA

Get ready for Halloween with this fun pumpkin picking activity at Smithills Farm.

Fancy dress is welcome, and families can have photos with zombie farmers, pumpkins and scarecrows.

It’s important to note that you buy the tickets for the number of pumpkins you’d like to buy and not the number of people who will be visiting.

This event takes place on October 21, and you can get tickets here.

7. Halloween on deck –

The Bolton News: Halloween

This one is slightly out of Bolton but it’s worth the trip, especially for any aviation fans out there.

The Deck 747 is the top deck of one of the last ex BA 747-400s to be removed from service.

You can get onboard, take an eerie selfie in a business class seats, sit in the captain’s seat and have a taster go at flying the aircraft in simulated motion - the UK's only real 747 aircra that's been converted to a simulator.

Find out more on this unique experience here.

8. Family party

The Bolton News: Halloween

If a party is what you’re after, a party is what you will get.

Don’t miss this spooky event, and book here.

The Mercure Hotel in Bolton is hosting a family Halloween party night, complete with a buffet, music, with tricks and treats planned for the night.

This event is perfect for the young and old and runs till midnight, with under-five’s going free.

Please add any other events in the comments and let's have a safe and fun Halloween.