A couple have spoken of their shock after a fire broke out in their bedroom while they were sleeping.

Fire officers believe a charging hoverboard caused the blaze and issued a warning.

Chris Kay and Stacey Cosgrove discovered the hoverboard while having a clean out at their home on Thorn Street in Astley Bridge, which they had bought for their seven-year-old son a few years ago.

They plugged it in to charge in their bedroom, which they share with their 21-month-old daughter, to see if it still worked, before going to sleep.

However, around half an hour after putting it on charge, Stacey, 29, awoke to see a fire had broken out.

She said: "I heard a crackling noise and then a bang. I went to the end of the bed, looked down and saw a big flame. I woke Chris and the kids and got them out of there."

The Bolton News: Charred carpet in the house before it was cut outCharred carpet in the house before it was cut out (Image: Newsquest)

Chris, 44,  poured water on the hoverboard, wrapped it in a towel and took it outside.

Chris said: "You don't think these things happen, especially when they make them and kids are buying them.

"Other people need to be aware, I want to advise people who have got young families and kids, as people don't think it is going to happen to them.

"You are charging something and not realising the consequences. Instead of just charging things, people should get them tested properly."

The Bolton News: The hoverboard and charred carpetThe hoverboard and charred carpet (Image: Newsquest)

Stacey added: "And make sure they are in the room with you when you are charging, don't leave them.

"As for what could have happened if we were downstairs, it could have been a different story."

Damage to the house was minimal, with some carpet in the bedroom being damaged.

Chris said: "I cut the carpet to check that the wires under the floor are okay. We have had an electrician in to check the electric, they said everything was safe.

The Bolton News: The burnt hoverboardThe burnt hoverboard (Image: Newsquest)

"We got it a couple of years ago as a Christmas present for the lad.

"We were lucky. We are all alright and there wasn't much damage. People who have young kids with hoverboards and electric bikes and such, they need to know."

Stacey added: "Especially coming up to Christmas, with what kids might be getting as presents." 

Firefighters from Bolton Central and Bolton North fire stations attended the fire, extinguishing it and making sure the family were okay. 

Fire crews were called at midnight and they were on scene for around 45 minutes. 

Watch Manager Phil Hinsley of Bolton Central said: "The fire service reminds everyone to not charge scooters and electrical appliances overnight while they are sleeping, and to have working smoke alarms.

WM Carl Greaves of Bolton North added: "These relatively cheap hoverboards can be particularly dangerous. Our advice is not to leave devices on charge unattended.

"In this circumstance, it was charging in the room they were sleeping. They were made aware very quickly.

"They were lucky, as an occupant tried to take it outside - but we would never advise that, as people have had batteries explode in their faces before.

"Our advice is to just ring 999, explain what is happening and leave the building."