A man whose E-bike set alight while on charge has told the tale of his 'lucky' escape.

At around midnight last night, October 25, Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service (GMFRS) firefighters were called to a fire at an address on Hillfield Walk in Tonge Moor.

Martin Thompson had been charging his E-bike at his girlfriend's house on the street, when it started smoking.

Martin, aged 51, said: "It just started smoking and then set on fire.

The Bolton News: The E-bikeThe E-bike (Image: Newsquest)

"We were in the front room when it started smoking, so I pushed it out of the front door as it was just smoking.

"Then it set on fire, so I got it out quickly. It was the right charger and everything."

Martin and his girlfriend got out of the house safely before the fire service came.

On being asked if he had any advice for anyone else looking to buy E-bikes or similar appliances, he said: "Don't get one."

The Bolton News: The chargerThe charger (Image: Newsquest)

Crew Manager Pete Kerry of Bolton North said: "With any kind of charging of E-bikes, E-cigarettes and things like these, make sure to use the correct charging implement that comes with the item and not to do it overnight when asleep.

"The resident was lucky, but he did well getting it out of the property."

This comes after a hoverboard set alight in similar circumstances in Astley Bridge earlier this week

The family who owned it put it on charge after having found it in a clear-out of their house, before it set alight 30 minutes after beginning charging.

As electric bikes and scooters become increasingly popular, GMFRS are warning residents to charge them safely to avoid a risk of fire. 

Speaking following an electric bike fire at a block of flats in Salford last November, GMFRS’s Head of Prevention Area Manager Billy Fenwick said: "We are urging everyone with an electric bike to please be responsible and follow our safety guidance.

The Bolton News: Charred ground from the fireCharred ground from the fire (Image: Newsquest)

"Batteries can be a fire risk if they’re over-charged, short circuited, or damaged, so it’s important to protect them against being damaged and to charge them safely.

"It’s also important that when buying an electric bike, to purchase them – as well as the batteries and chargers - from a reputable seller.

"It’s the same if you are buying a kit to convert your normal bike to an electric one; buy from a reputable seller and check that it complies with British or European standards.” 

In November last year, the front window of a house in Failsworth was blown out by a fire caused by a number of modified electric bikes

Two people were taken to hospital following the fire, which took place in the living room of the terraced house.