A rally in support of Palestinian people will be held in Bolton town centre.

It is the second such protest to be held with the last one attended by 2000 people.

They had been moved to attend the rally after the recent violence in the Middle East which has seen civilian casualties soar.

Similar rallies have been held throughout the region and nationally.

The protest will take place on Saturday October 28 from 2pm until 4pm at Queens Park, Bolton.

They will then march into the town centre, where speeches are expected to be given.

Greater Manchester Police has stepped up its policing presence to provide reassurance to communities and a policing operation will be in place across Greater Manchester.

Superintendent Rachael Harrison said: “We are acutely aware members of our community are affected by the ongoing conflict in the Middle East. This wider community impact will continue to shape our policing response.

“At the force and district level, we are having regular dialogue with local authorises, faith and community leaders. Additional officers will continue to be deployed to key locations around the vicinity of faith schools, places of worship and in those communities where we know the levels of concern are highest.”

“Officers will be highly visible around public demonstrations. We want these events to pass off peacefully but we will intervene in incidents where criminal offences take place including situations where violence or hatred is deliberately being incited.”

Detective Superintendent Lewis Hughes said: “The flying of the flag of Israel or Palestine is not an offence in itself. However, there may be situations concerning where or how a flag is used as well as the demeanour and language used by the person carrying it, which may constitute an offence and lead to the police immediately intervening or investigating the matter.”

“Unfortunately, there will be a small minority of people who use flags, signs or chanting in a way which crosses into criminal behaviour where the intention is to cause fear or to incite or promote hatred, violence or support for terrorism, and in those cases, action will be taken.”

“GMP officers are extremely proactive at challenging such behaviour and making arrests as soon as an offence is identified.

“There is no place for hate crime in Manchester. The force is committed to safeguarding people and property, and taking action against offenders.

“Our priority is always to keep people safe. All incidences of hate crime should be reported so GMP can respond swiftly, and so that we can understand where tensions are building and take action.

“Anyone who is concerned can approach officers directly and their neighbourhood officers are also contactable via the ‘Your Area’ pages of our website – gmp.police.uk. 

“Hate crimes can also be reported online – anonymously – through the True Vision website: www.report-it.org.uk” 

Bolton South East MP Yasmin Qureshi, has condemned the “collective punishment of the Palestinian people” and called for an immediate ceasefire in Gaza.

The Palestinian death toll has soared past 7,000 as Israel has carried out waves of devastating air strikes in response to a bloody Hamas incursion into southern Israel on October 7.

More than one million people have fled their homes, with many heeding Israeli orders to evacuate to the south, despite continuing Israeli strikes across the sealed-off territory.

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