Halloween really is a scream!

And Smithills Open Farm have certainly got into the spirit of it by getting a werewolf to deliver milk to customers.

Smithills Milk and Ice Creamery at Smithills Open Farm have been delivering milk with co-owner Carl Grimshaw dressed as a werewolf for Halloween.

The deliveries have been certainly giving families a frightful thrill as they open the door to see a werewolf at their doorstep.

Carl said: “All throughout half term we have had some Halloween activities on at the farm so thought it would be good publicity to deliver some milk dressed as a werewolf.

“Obviously our customers loved the idea, so we ran with it.”

The Bolton News: Werewolf Carl Grimshaw

Pictures show Carl in a werewolf costume in the company van with a red check shirt on.

He said: “We have only been doing it these last couple of delivery days and people love seeing it as we have been delivering milk to them.”

Smithills Open Farm has been running many Halloween events in the last few weeks including pumpkin picking.

The Bolton News: Werewolf Carl Grimshaw

The farm has also put on additional Halloween activities including the Spooky Woodland which acts like a big game of hide and seek.

Young people have been guided through the woods where they come across selection of monsters and can complete tasks to win prizes.