Concerns have been raised over the quality of street lighting in Bolton

Cllr Hilary Fairclough of Astley Bridge has raised the issue of street lighting in the borough following concerns about visibility at roadworks on Crompton Way last week. 

Now, she has voiced her concern about the lack of light emitted by modern LED streetlights compared to the formerly popular sodium lights. 

She highlights that their light does not spread very far, leaving shadows which can be difficult for drivers. 

Cllr Fairclough said: "It is hard to see when driving at night. We could do with a 'wear something light at night' campaign. 

"People are wearing darker winter clothes and I feel the street lighting on the main road is not always adequate. 

"I have spoken to a number of people who feel the same, because I'd previously thought it was just an age thing. 

"People feel the LED lights feel quite gloomy, they don't have a spread of light, it is only lit in that direct area." 

The Bolton News: Blackburn Road at nightBlackburn Road at night (Image: Newsquest)

She added: "I hear it is possible to turn LED lights up and down, so I was thinking of asking the council whether or not they are on the lowest setting or something like that. 

"They cast shadows - sometimes you are driving along and think 'is that somebody'.

"The lady that was injured on Blackburn Road, that was at 7am. At the moment it is quite grey at those times, it's definitely not light. 

"It is interesting that it took place during a dark period of the day." 

Cllr Fairclough added: "For example where I live is a cul-de-sac and they are okay there, but on a main road it is just too dark."

This comes after an Astley Bridge resident raised concerns about visibility during road resurfacing works on Crompton Way

The resident said that drains on the road were not visible, which could have been potentially dangerous.