Bolton News Camera Club Cheryl Bongiovi captured this atmospheric picture of tonight's Beaver Moon.

The moon will turn blood red before heading into the shadow of the Earth.

This full moon is called the Beaver Moon as it happens at the time of year when beavers settle into their lodges after storing up food for the winter months.

The Bolton News: Beaver Moon by Cheryl Bongiovi

As the Moon rises above the horizon it may appear larger than normal, but this is actually just an optical illusion.

The 'Moon Illusion' causes the moon to appear to us as much larger when it is low on the horizon despite remaining exactly the same size throughout the entire night.

The lunar spectacle comes just days after the a ring light was seen around the moon delighted star gazers on Saturday night, with the planet Jupiter also visible.

That phenomenon is caused by the refraction of moonlight from ice crystals in the upper atmosphere.