A busy main road will looking blooming wonderful next spring thanks to a little bit of flower power!

Each autumn, Over Hulton Community volunteers gather to plant 100-metre lengths of the road, which stretches between the Four Lane Ends junction and the Watergate Lane roundabout for approximately a kilometre.

This year, with a significant portion of the busy road still waiting to be planted, Amazon workers stepped in to donate 7,000 bulbs and help with the planting as part of the company's work to help the community.

Community volunteer John Bullen explains “We just couldn’t believe it. We explained our plan and they said they would buy the bulbs and provide staff to do the planting.

"Seven thousand bulbs we planted and they sent a dozen staff down on three occasions to help us do it. We have never known anything like it.

"What great people to work with and what a fabulous gesture of support for us.

"Our volunteers had a wonderful time giving back to the Bolton community with the team from Amazon. It was a joy to brighten up the town together.”

The Bolton News: Amazon operations manager Gee Stanionyte plants the last of seven thousand bulbs

Bolton councillors Derek Bullock and Shafi Patel also paid a visit during the planting.

John Strydom, General Manager at Amazon in Bolton, said: “We’ve been proud to call Bolton home to our fulfilment centre since 2018 and we wanted to show our appreciation to the town by planting these flowers.”

The Bolton News: Amazon and Over Hulton Community Group members planting daffodils

Clarice Marshall, an Associate from Amazon who was part of the planting team, added:“We had such an enjoyable day daffodil-planting alongside the team from The Over Hulton Community Group. I can’t wait to see how they turn out!”

The flowers will bloom next year between February and May, providing a pleasing spectacle for motorists and pedestrians alike on the well-frequented thoroughfare.