A Bolton man who has been described as a 'lovely man' died aged just 41. 

Robert Lilley was found at his address in Halliwell on September 19 this year. 

An inquest into his death took place at Bolton Coroners Court on November 30.

Mr Lilley, of Hemsworth Road, lived with his civil partner Gina Mills at the address - they had been together for more than a decade. 

Ms Mills told the inquest about her partner. 

She said he enjoyed "walking the dogs", as well as "going to Blackpool and enjoying fish and chips on the seaside".

She added that he was "a lovely man, he cared about the people in his life" and he was "always doing things for (her) and his mother".

On the morning of September 18 this year, Ms Mills went out. When she got back in the afternoon, Mr Lilley's bedroom door was closed.

After taking their dogs for two walks over the course of the evening, his door remained closed - she believed he would have gone to the pub. 

On the following day, his door was still closed. Ms Mills "left him alone" until around 9am, when she entered his room. 

Mr Lilley was found hanging in the room. Ms Mills called paramedics, who pronounced him dead at just after 10am.


Dr Ravindra Sawant gave Mr Lilley's medical cause of death as suspension by a ligature, combined with a medication overdose. 

Police Coroners Officer Robert Strutman told the inquest that there were believed to be no suspicious circumstances or third party involvement in Mr Lilley's death. 

He added that it was "strongly suspected" that he had been in that position since September 18. 

He said: "The reasons for his death remain unclear. He was known to suffer from severe anxiety, but Gina believed he was OK at the time."

Coroner Ceri Owen gave Mr Lilley's cause of death as suicide. 

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