A photographer captured the beautiful Northern Lights as they filled the night sky over the last few days.

The Aurora Borealis phenomenon was predicted to be seen in Bolton on Thursday and Friday evening.

The spectacle was captured by The Bolton News camera club member Cheryl Doran, who saw the lights on Friday night from Dean Clough Reservoir in Langho.

According to alerts by Aurora Watch UK, the northern lights could be seen Thursday and Friday.

The Met Office explains that it takes an extreme geomagnetic storm for the lights to usually be seen over the skies in the UK.

The Bolton News: Northern Lights by Cheryl Doran

To see the lights, it must be a clear sky with no cloud cover, and no light pollution.

The lights are visible in Bolton’s clearer areas with less light pollution, and many pictures have been captured over the years.

It comes as Bolton has created its very own Northern Lights in the town centre as part of Christmas celebrations.

The ‘Put Big Light On’ festival has seen the stunning display of lights in the town centre using technology to recreate it.

The events will continue to be shown spanning two weeks from Thursdays to Sundays.

Aurora Watch UK predicts when the lights will be seen in areas again.