Concerns have been raised over the conditions of a road during the icy weather, after a "family now live in fear" following a crash that damaged their house and some bollards in Little Lever.

Ward councillor Andrea Taylor-Burke says that residents have been dealing with crashes on the road for a couple of years, but last year two major collisions happened due to the icy conditions.

The crashes were so bad on Lincoln Avenue, that a house now needs to be made structurally safe.

Cllr Taylor-Burke says that the “family live in fear”, and they have spent more than £10,000 installing a wall and bollards.

The Bolton News: She said: “I have been fighting for an extra grit bin to be installed for more than 12 months.

"There is one but it is at the opposite end, so we need an extra one.

“The council say I can't have another as they don't have the ability to install more than the 544, which we currently have in the borough.

“The only way to get one is to move one of my existing ones, which proves difficult as I only have between six and 10 in the whole of Little Lever and Darcy Lever.

“This road is a bus route and extremely steep with a tight turn at the bottom.

“Residents have said that they will grit the streets if there is an extra grit bin.”

The Bolton News: Cllr Taylor-Burke says that another alternative to a grit bin would be to add this road to the gritting route, and she says that the grit bin is the lesser option.

She also says that emergency services struggle to get on and off the street in these conditions.

She said: “I am absolutely furious that yet again this has happened.

“What if someone gets killed?

“The family’s insurance for their house and cars are through the roof due to the claims.

“If we can’t get emergency vehicles off the street, it’s a big problem.”

Although Cllr Taylor-Burke recognises other wards also need gritting bins, but she says there may be places that do not need it as much, and roads that will already be gritted.

She has now called for a review of the grit bins, which are allocated across the wards, to see if there is any scope to move any to this road, especially with it being steep and on a hill.

Cllr Taylor-Burke also went to help residents grit the road last year.

In response to the problem, a council spokesperson said: “Our gritting schedule of routes are delivered in accordance with our policy, taking into consideration the category and use of roads, the level of risk and whether they serve local amenities.

“Unfortunately, not every road in the borough can be treated and Lincoln Avenue is not part of our agreed gritting route.

“There is however a grit bin at the top of Lincoln Avenue containing salt which the public can use on roads and public footpaths.  

“When temperatures drop and roads become icy, we urge residents and motorists to take extra care.”

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