A video production company founded by two friends from Bolton has released a behind-the-scenes video from their shoot with a worldwide children’s animation phenomenon.

Westhoughton-based Glacé Media shot the video at Smyths Toys Megastore in London, filming the “Bluey Hammerbarn Trolley Dash".

The video features Radio 1 DJ Matt Edmondson, with three sets of parents who were challenged with running around the toy shop with their trolleys to collect as many Bluey-themed tokens as they could.

Glacé Media managing director Marcus Johnson said: “Bluey is a phenomenon that has swept the world of children’s TV across the world.

“The fact that our style of video production aligned with what such an exciting brand wanted to produce really speaks volumes about the creative approach we have developed over the years.

The Bolton News: Marcus Johnson and Matt Green of Glacé Media Marcus Johnson and Matt Green of Glacé Media (Image: Glacé Media)

“Working with such talented presenters like Matt Edmondson and highly skilled partners like Highlight PR meant we could do what we do best and deliver the amazing content we did.”

“Bluey” is an animated preschool series following the adventures of a blue puppy made in Australia and well known by children all over the world.

The winner of the challenge in the video then took how a “Bluey Hammerbarn Shopping Centre Playset” for their family.

The Bolton News: DJ Matt Edmondson featured in the challengeDJ Matt Edmondson featured in the challenge (Image: Glacé Media)

The video was produced by the Westhoughton firm as part of a promotional campaign for the Bluey Hammerbarn Playset toy produced by Moose Toys.

It is aimed at helping to promote “Bluey’s” toy line in the run up to Christmas.

Glacé Media worked in partnership with the Highlight PR public relations agency to produce the video.

Their campaign has already clocked up more than 320,000 views on Instagram, with videos released as 90-second and 60-second versions.

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The company was founded by Mr Johnson and Matt Green, who had grown up together in Westhoughton and maintain a studio in the town to this day.

It now specialises on producing promotional videos for brands and businesses and since 2017 has helped create videos for Papa John’s, Müller and the University of Salford among others.

They hope that Glacé Media’s work with Smyths Toys Megastore and an association with a well-known brand like Bluey will represent a “real step forward” for their business.

The video can be found at Glacé Media’s website