Road users have been warned to be wary of delays after reports of trees being blown over and flooding on Bolton roads.

One tree was blown over Gilnow Road near Queens Park, while another was blown over Chorley New Road in Horwich, close to Horwich Golf Club and near the Beehive pub.

Flooding has also been reported around Darcy Lever and Little Lever, which comes after a government warning earlier today.

A statement from the government’s flood warning service said: “Rainfall is forecast across the Irwell catchment throughout Saturday and into Sunday.

“The heaviest of the rain will occur early this evening from around 5pm until around midnight.

The Bolton News: Flooding has also been reported around Darcy Lever and Little LeverFlooding has also been reported around Darcy Lever and Little Lever (Image: Public)

“Flooding of low lying land and roads is possible from around 8pm on December 9 2023."

It added: “Our operational teams are out clearing debris screens to minimise potential blockages and flow restriction.”

The government said that areas they expected to be affected were around Farnworth, Whitefield, Little Lever, Radcliffe, Bury, Heywood, Whitworth and Bacup.

Elsewhere, several of the borough's roads were hit by trees that were uprooted. 

A resident who lives nearby Chorley New Road says he believes it was a fairly large tree, which could have the potential to block road users.

He said: “I’m surprised its taken this long really for a tree to come down in this weather.”

He added: “There’s a fair few big trees round there so that you’d imagine that’ll cause quite a big blockage.”

The trees are believed to have been blown over and into the road at various times on the evening of Saturday December 9.

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This comes amid rainy and wind weather conditions across the region over Saturday night and with flood warnings having been issued in the Horwich area.

The government’s flood warning service has already said that it has had staff in the area clearing out debris from weed screens in the area.

Flood warnings have also been issued elsewhere around the country.

It is believed that staff have been deployed to the scene on Chorley New Road to clear the tree out of the way as of Saturday evening.