Action is being taken to address anti-social behaviour after concerns from residents over ‘long- running’ incidents involving young people.

It comes after a number of motorbikes were recently stolen in the Horwich area, with two youths being arrested last week on suspicion of motor vehicle thefts.

Cllr Peter Wright for Horwich South and Blackrod, says that there have been some positive results, which he hopes will put residents at ease.

He said: “There has been long-running incidents with some youths, which is a small bunch of youths.


The Bolton News:

“Police have been working on this, and they have had some positive results.

“We rely on the public contacting the local councillors and we will meet face-to-face with residents to try and resolve problems the best we can, working with different agencies, including police.”

Cllr Ryan Bamforth also says that there have been similar issues in Horwich North for the past 18 months, which led to a letter being issued by Greater Manchester Police last month.

The letter said: “We are writing to inform you that the Police, Bolton council community safety team and local housing providers are working in partnership to reduce anti-social behaviour on Fairburn Street and the surrounding streets.

“We are aware of issues in the community where young people are acting in a manner that is deemed inappropriate and unacceptable.

“Most young people conduct themselves in a well-behaved manner, but at times young people can act, by themselves or with others in a way that distresses other members of the community.”

Cllr Bamforth said that residents are finding the situation “extremely frustrating” but says that there are some “amazing” police officers in the area.

He added: “They do care, and they do get involved, that’s why the PACT (Police and Communities Together) meetings are very well-attended.

“Unfortunately, because we are losing green spaces all the time, kids have less places to go.”

Cllr Bamforth says that as part of the Horwich Regeneration Plans there have been talks to give something to the youths in the area, although this will take some time.

Cllr Wright says although more youth spaces need to be occupied, he is confident that incidents are being dealt with.

He added: “A lot of this is just education in the home.

“It would be good to get more involved with schools.

“People have been verbally abused, and there has been littering in the area.

“There are wider issues behind it and there may be issues at home we need to look at.

“We need to nip anti-social behaviour in the bud, and getting the crime level down is important.

“It affects the area where people live, and people want to feel safe in their own home.”

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