Bolton Council run schools are among the top five best performing in the borough results of the Key Stage 2 exams show.

Today the Government released the first primary school performance data since the Covid outbreak.

The figures show how well schools performed in the SATs exams this summer and also reflect progress made while children are at primary school.

The exams are taken by final year primary school pupils.



Top performing school was The Olive School in Bolton, an Ofsted graded outstanding school, where 92 per cent reached the required standard in the 3Rs, with more than a quarter reaching the higher level.

Number two was Beaumont School, a local authority run school, where 88 per cent met the standard expected in reading, writing and maths. Overall children made above average progress, with 18 per cent passing at a higher grade.

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The school is on track to become an outstanding school.


Full table can be found  at  1Final primary school tables.pdf where you can find out how your child's school performed. Rankings are based on how schools performed in the Key Stage 2 exams

Headteacher Stacey Postle told The Bolton News: "As the proud headteacher of Beaumont School, I am thrilled to announce our remarkable rise to the second position in the league tables, now placing us among the top two percent of schools in England based on our latest SAT results.

"This incredible achievement is a testament to the extraordinary talents of our children, the unwavering support of our dedicated families, the guidance of our exceptional governors, and the relentless determination of our highly ambitious staff at Beaumont.

"This success reflects the consistently high standard of education we provide at our lovely school.

"Our children not only demonstrate commendable progress at the culmination of Key Stage 2 but consistently achieve success at every significant milestone throughout their primary journey.

"At Beaumont School, we are dedicated to nurturing the potential within each child, ensuring a legacy of success and a commitment to delivering an exceptional standard of education. Today is a moment of pride as we reflect upon the successes of this year. However, our commitment to excellence remains steadfast, and we pledge to continue striving for greatness every day."

Susan Leach Chair of Governors added: "I continue to be incredibly proud of this school and all it achieves day in day out. The school, the staff and the children are a credit to the Bolton family."

Also in the top five were The Oaks Primary School and Lostock Primary School - both of which are maintained schools.

Overall the average SAT result for Bolton was four percentage points higher than the national average.

The exams are taken by final year primary school pupils.

The Bolton News:

Cllr Martin Donaghy, children service's boss at Bolton Council said: "I am delighted with the results and pay tribute to the teachers and pupils who have performed so well and and am proud of each and everyone of them."

Department for education chiefs warned that school performance data for the 2022/23 academic year should be used with caution given the ongoing impacts of the ovid-19 pandemic, which affected individual schools and pupils differently.

School performance data should be considered alongside a range of other information about the school, which could include looking at school websites, reading Ofsted reports, and speaking to the school directly. Conclusions should not be drawn on a single piece of data alone.