Bolton and it’s surrounding areas have plenty to offer and this extends to many walking routes.

If you like to enjoy a Boxing Day walk, you won’t be short of options with longer and shorter routes both available.

Why not walk off the Christmas chocolates and get some fresh air with a winter stroll? To help you choose a route, here’s a list of some of the best walks you can enjoy with family or friends over the festive period, according to All Trails.

The Bolton News: There are plenty of walking routes near Bolton to choose fromThere are plenty of walking routes near Bolton to choose from (Image: Canva)

5 of the best walks to enjoy near Bolton this Boxing Day

Rivington Hall and Rivington Pike Circular

Difficulty: Moderate

On average, this walk takes one hour and 22 minutes to complete and it’s open all year round for visitors to enjoy.

You can expect “lovely views and scenic paths” on this route with Brere’s Meadow, the summit of Rivington Pike, Rivington Gardens and the woodlands all part of it.

You’ll need to make sure you wear appropriate footwear and be careful in the rougher and steeper parts – in wet conditions, these can become slippery and muddy.

Find out more about it via the All Trails website.

Royton Lane Circular Walk

Difficulty: Moderate

If you’re looking for a shorter walk this Boxing Day, the Royton Lane route could be ideal for you.

It’s 2.4km long and takes 47 minutes to complete on average. The best time to walk the route is said to be between January and October but you could still try it out this Boxing Day.

The route takes you through Rivington Gardens so you’ll see Old Kate's Dingle, Hall Close, The Ravine, and Pigeon Tower.

You can choose to make your route longer or shorter by choosing the different adjoining paths.

Find out more about it via the All Trails website.

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Upper Rivington and Yarrow Reservoirs

Difficulty: Moderate

This is a 10km route that takes an average of two hours and 31 minutes to complete.

On this route, you’ll walk around both reservoirs and you can keep an eye out for wildlife in the area.

Dogs are welcome on this walk so you can enjoy it with your furry friend as well as friends and family.

Find out more about it via the All Trails website.

Jumbles Reservoir Short Circular

Difficulty: Easy

This walk is thought to be generally quite an easy one which takes about 51 minutes to complete on average.

It’s a 3.4km circular walk and dogs are welcome. A range of bird species live around the route so keep your eyes peeled.

After rain, this walk can be a muddy one so wearing waterproof shoes is recommended.

Find out more about it via the All Trails website.

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Turton, Wayoh Reservoir and Turton & Wentwistle Reservoir Walk

Difficulty: Moderate

Find out more about it via the All Trails website.

This walk is 14.8km in length and it’s a circular route that dogs can enjoy too – they must be kept on leads as you might see some livestock along the way.

The best time to visit is between March and October but you could give it a go this Boxing Day.

It takes three hours and 42 minutes to complete this route on average so you’ll need to put aside plenty of time.

On the walk, you’ll see Jumbles Reservoir, Bradshaw Brook, Old Russia Reservoir, Wayoh Reservoir, Fox Hill Plantation, Turton & Entwistle Reservoir.