Concerns have been raised after a newly resurfaced junction flooded recently.

The flooding affected the Blackburn Road, Crompton Way and Moss Bank Way junction in Astley Bridge.

A £1m improvement scheme which took place last year at the major crossroads.

Motorists and residents have reported flooding at crossing points on the junction. 

Astley Bridge resident Grahame Cooper believes that this should not be happening,given the recent improvements

He said: "Can something be done about this defect at the Astley Bridge junction? This is not the only dropped kerb with a lake in front of it, so work needs to be done elsewhere as well, but this one is brand new. 

"It was only finished last year, it is 12 months old. To be fair, the council may well get contractors to come back and fix it. 

"I want to see if the council can do anything about it, as it is a defect on a new junction." 

The Bolton News: The floodingThe flooding (Image: Public)

Ward councillor Hilary Fairclough has asked Highways if further work can be undertaken to remedy this issue. 

She said: "The work to remodel the junction started in early 2022, we are approaching 2024 and it's still not finished. 

"I know that other work, ie. the resurfacing of Blackburn Road down to Dunscar Bridge, and latterly resurfacing from Crompton Way to Tonge Moor Road has been carried out and this has delayed some of the work, like road markings being completed. 

"But there is no excuse for leaving a hazardous fault like this for months on end, I have reported it several times, as have my ward colleagues, and pedestrians who have had to suffer trying to navigate through what is fast becoming a lake. 

"Often as cars drive through the water, pedestrians wanting to cross at this safe point are drenched and if you are in a wheelchair or pushing a pram this is even more horrendous." 

She added: "Cyclists are unable to see if there is anything in the water which could be dangerous.

"I know some people probably think it is just a bit of water, but given how much heavy rain we have experienced recently, I would ask them to stand at the crossing and see just how bad it is."