Concerns have been raised after a "joy rider" destroyed bollards at a park entrance in Bolton to gain access.

It comes after a dog walker, who walks in the park every day, reported the incident at Leverhulme Park, to Breightmet councillor Adele Warren.

While most of the park covers Darcy Lever, some of the green space is part of Breightmet.

The resident says that it “looked as though a 4x4 gained access from the Tonge Moor side of the park”.

Cllr Warren said: “I reported it to the council after the resident told me about the aftermath.

“It’s a public park, so it’s for dog walkers, children, and the elderly.

The Bolton News: “I am not against people with quad bikes or motorbikes, but people need to do it in a legal manner in an appropriate place, because this park is not it.”

She added: “Because the concrete bollards have been ripped out, it’s not an easy fix.

“It’s a cost to the taxpayer to repair damaged parks, bollards, and pitches.

“It can be really difficult because we have done a number of targeted works to prevent access, but the bollards have been removed, so it always feels like it’s an ongoing battle, when people should do the right thing in the first place.

“Nobody wants to be in a park, and all of a sudden have a speeding vehicle come towards them.”

Most of the damage at the park is at an area known to locals as "The Bunk". Track marks have been left along a section of the park and two bollards have been destroyed.

The Bolton News: Cllr Warren says that there was also an incident in September where a 4x4 truck ended up in the river, and the police had to recover it.

She says that the park has been beneficial to resident’s physical and mental wellbeing, and that if any footpaths are ruined, it means people cannot walk on them.

Cllr Warren added: “It’s just really frustrating because it happens time and time again, and it’s about the bigger picture.

“The knock on effect is quite an inconvenience to other people.”

The Bolton News: Posters have previously been put up near the bowling club in the park warning riders using off-road bikes not to go on the park.

Football teams in the area have also expressed concern over damaged pitches as a result of off-road bikers.

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