A Bolton teenager was in for a shock after he found the wrong disc in a game he spent his Christmas money on. 

Alfie Butler, aged 14, of Astley Bridge, went to Bolton's GAME store at Sports Direct on Boxing Day to pick up the new Marvel's Spider-Man 2 game, which came out in October. 

However, when he opened the game at home, which cost £70, Alfie found a blank CD from computer company Hewlett Packard inside the box. 

He took it back but said staff refused to provide him with a replacement copy of the game. 

His step-uncle, Mark Thorley, has also tried to get the game for Alfie. 

The Bolton News: Alfie Butler, aged 14Alfie Butler, aged 14 (Image: Public)

Mark said: "He was given his Christmas money and went into GAME on Boxing Day, where he spent £70 on Marvel's Spider-Man 2. 

"There was a Hewlett Packard blank CD in there, so he went back into the store. 

"The store accused him of fraud, that he put the CD in there. They said they were not going to change it whatsoever. 

"I spoke to headquarters by email, they said if the problem was at the store then it must be sorted in store." 

He added: "I went back with the email trail so staff could contact the store helpline, but they have not been able to contact it. 

The Bolton News: The HP disc in the Spider-Man 2 boxThe HP disc in the Spider-Man 2 box (Image: Public)

"He refused to give me his name or put me through to the regional manager. 

"I left my name and number and said once you've spoken to the helpline, please call me and I will come back into town and resolve it.

"I bought a chair and sat in front of the counter until they were ready to speak." 

Mark added: "I am not even fuming, I am just confused why common sense doesn't prevail. It would have been easier to take the HP disc out, chuck it in the bin and say that the case was empty, but that is not what happened. 

The Bolton News: The Spider-Man 2 caseThe Spider-Man 2 case (Image: Public)

"I understand the logic of what they are saying, but at the same time we have proof of purchase. The HP disc is a very odd thing to appear in there, I have not had one of those in my house since about 2004. 

"It is a £70 game, we could buy another if we needed to, but it is the principle, he has already paid for it. 

"All I want is to get the lad the game that he bought. We just need that to make him smile at Christmas, that was his Christmas money and he decided to spent it to treat himself - some treat!"

After being approached by The Bolton News, Frasers Group gave this statement: "We have been in touch with the customer to apologise and offer a replacement and a goodwill voucher."