Visitors may be forgiven for thinking a new tip had opened in Bolton but these shocking pictures show the rubbish people have simply taken upon themselves to  dump on a piece of land.

Residents say they are already living in a flytipping hotspot but say they cannot believe how one area now resembles a dumping ground.

Deane had issues with illegal tipping on multiple occasions last year, and now locals have complained of further tipping on a backstreet. 

The land, at the junction of Back Willows Lane South and Back Dijon Street, is said to be a target for fly-tippers for  sometime

Resident and Green Party candidate for Rumworth, Alan Johnson, is unhappy about the mess and says he has spoken to residents who feel the same. 

He said: "It is a problem, I believe some residents have actually contacted the council, emailed about the fly tipping . 

The Bolton News: Alan Johnson is unhappy about the issuesAlan Johnson is unhappy about the issues (Image: Newsquest)

"I had not driven by for number of weeks and went to have a look on Sunday, it is the stuff of nightmares.

"Not many fly tips especially in the area, but once people start doing other people do it. Then it gets to the point if it is not moved they continue to do so. 

"I want to know if it would be possible for CCTV cameras in that location. What residents want is to find out who the culprits are. It is soul-destroying having to put up with that." 

"Councillors should educate people on what they can do, can't do and shouldn't do, and support them to get on top of it. 

"There are a lot of black bin bags, the council could send up a team to scan through the bags see if they can find information about the people who are doing it. This is one of the worst areas, despite litter picking team going out every weekend.

The Bolton News: Rubbish on the corner of Back Dijon Street and Willows Lane SouthRubbish on the corner of Back Dijon Street and Willows Lane South (Image: Newsquest)

"This particular area, I have reported all through last year. Now it is a problem area and residents want to tidy the place up." 

Local resident Mia Ahmadi said: "It is awful because I have got a dog and she loves walking. 

"Every time we come past here I have to keep her away, as she eats anything and definitely can't eat any of it." 

She said that she had seen rats in the area which get into her back garden. She has to keep a board against the back door to prevent them getting into her house. 

Mia added: "I want them to clean it up and for it to stay clean. CCTV would definitely be good, so we can see who is doing it. 

"I have reported it going back months." 

The Bolton News: Other fly tipping on Back Dijon Street NorthOther fly tipping on Back Dijon Street North (Image: Newsquest)

A spokesperson for Bolton Council said: “A request has been made for a clean up to take place.

“Unfortunately, this area is a fly-tipping hotspot.

“We are investigating this incident to find those responsible. On a recent occasion, we issued fines totalling £3,000 for fly-tipping offences in this area.”

Bolton Council takes a strong stance against fly-tipping including prosecuting people. 

This comes after the council cracked down on fly tipping in the area last month, resulting in thousands of pounds worth of fines being issued

Three days of action by the local authority's cleaning team and enforcement officers took place from Wednesday December 6 to Friday December 8,  in the Deane area with a large amount of waste collected. 

The waste included mattresses, sofas and fencing found dumped around Dijon Street, Daisy Street and Croston Street. 

Throughout the three days, 13 individuals and three businesses were traced for fly-tipping offences and handed fines.