An 'underdog' political party is planning to stand candidates all over Bolton at the next election after receiving a 'very generous anonymous donation'.

Bolton Green Party announced in December that it was appealing to members of the public to support its fundraiser, allowing the part to stand in all three of the borough’s constituencies.

The party says is now able to realise its ambition after receiving several donations from the public, one of which proved especially significant. 

Press officer Alan Johnson said: “Bolton Green Party would like to thank, people who have donated so far to our GoFundMe.

“We have already reached £2,630 of our £3,000 target with a very generous anonymous donation of £2,550, which we are very grateful for.

The Bolton News: A general election is expected to be held at some point this yearA general election is expected to be held at some point this year (Image: Newsquest)

“We are now in a position to fund candidates in all three Bolton constituencies.

“The speed at which we raised the funding proves that People of Bolton want a Green Candidate in their Constituency.

“This also sends a warm Christmas message that they want to support the underdog.”

The money was intended to ensure that the party could afford the £500 deposit in each Bolton constituency to ensure that voters had what it calls a “real choice.” 

The Green Party had at first set a target of £2000 ahead of the general election, which is expected to be held this year, that it has since extended to £3000.

The environmentalist party claims that relying on donations from the public illustrates its difference from the Conservative Party and from Labour, which have relied on wealthy donors and trade unions.

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Bolton is split across three parliamentary constituencies, with the Green Party say they will now be standing candidates in each of them.

Bolton West is currently held by Conservative Chris Green MP, Bolton South East held by Labour’s Yasmin Qureshi and Bolton North East, held by Conservative Mark Logan MP.

The next UK general election is expected to be held this year but can be held on January 28 2025 at the latest.

Local elections will also be held for Bolton Council seats in May of this year.