Yobs are targeting a particular make of vehicle in a bizarre spate of vandal attacks, a ward councillor has said.

Residents in the Deane area of Bolton have reported their vehicles, all Toyotas, have been vandalised, some a number of times

A number of people have said there has been a spate of targeted vandalism of old Toyotas in an area of Bolton.

Apparently it has been ongoing for four months and has taken place on streets off and near Deane Road.

Ward councillor Abdul Atcha has been working with police on the issue and is urging people whose vehicles have been targeted to report it.

One person whose vehicle has been targeted twice is Hanif Adia, who, like the other victims, owns a Toyota.

He said: “It happened to me twice in September, it happened once then two weeks later they came back and did the other side.

“I left it for a bit then I got it repaired.

“It cost me £80 and it was hard to get parts, we had to go on the internet, we tried locally.

“I am worried about it happening again.”

The Bolton News: Hanif Adia has had his car struck twice

 Marayam Atcha's vehicle has been targeted four times.

Her Toyota was vandalised twice in September, twice in November and again in December.

She said: “There are fifteen or so cars around here but it is only the Toyotas it happens to.

“The last time it happened I had to take the day off work and lost a day’s pay.

“It has affected my mental health."

She taped up to board the damaged window at the back passenger side, but she said the other side of the vehicle was then later targeted.

The motorist said: "That is really evil.”

Another man said he and his partner both have a Toyota and both cars have been targeted twice.

He said: “Last Saturday was the last time it happened.

“It started three months ago.

“They smash the windows of the Toyota.

“I am not getting them repaired any more because there is no point.”

The Bolton News: A damaged Toyota

Areas where cars have been struck include Filton Street and Back Stanway Avenue.

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The Bolton News: A Toyota which has been damaged

Cllr Atcha urged people to report vandalism to the police.

He said: “It is strange that this is happening.

“A lot of theories have been circulating.

“I have been telling people to speculate less and to work more closely with the police reporting it.

“They need to report it.

“The people I have been speaking to have reported it.

“I have been working with the police since it started around four months ago.

“My experience with the police has been positive.

“We have had a PACT meeting where we raised the issue.

“I believe police are taking the matter seriously.

“I am encouraging residents to report more.”

GMP have been approached for a comment.