Footage has emerged of a Toyota car being vandalised in an area where it is said this particular make of car is being targeted.

The Bolton News reported recently concerns of residents living in the Deane area that specifically Toyota cars were having their windows smashed.

A ward councillor said the bizarre act has been happening for the past three months.

People in the area have said their vehicles have been targeted on several occasions, while neighbours with different makes of vehicles are never troubled.

The frustration experienced means some have given up paying for repairs and some have said it is difficult to source Toyota parts locally.

In a video shared with The Bolton New the car is approached on Back Stanway Avenue  with the glass glass being smashed on the rear window.

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The Bolton News: A Toyota which has been damaged

Cllr Abdul Atcha, who represents the Rumworth ward, urged residents to continue to share incidents of vandalism with police.

The Bolton News: Cllr Abdul Atcha has urged people to report the problem to police

He said: “It is strange that this is happening. A lot of theories have been circulating.

“I have been telling people to speculate less and to work more closely with the police reporting it. They need to report it.

“The people I have been speaking to have reported it."

He added: “I have been working with the police since it started around four months ago.

“My experience with the police has been positive.

“We have had a PACT meeting where we raised the issue.

“I believe police are taking the matter seriously.

“I am encouraging residents to report more.”

One person whose vehicle has been targeted twice is Hanif Adia who owns a Toyota.

The Bolton News: Hanif Adia has had his car struck twice

He said: “It happened to me twice in September, it happened once then two weeks later they came back and did the other side.

“I left it for a bit then I got it repaired.

“It cost me £80 and it was hard to get parts, we had to go on the internet, we tried locally.

“I am worried about it happening again.”

Greater Manchester Police have been approached for comment.