A 100 free cones of chips will be given away as a business in Bolton Market prepares to reopen after the festive break.

Chip&Go at Bolton Market is offering 100 free cones of chips tomorrow, January 9, on a first come first served basis. 

Owner Sebastian Coman says it is a way to thank his regular customers in doing so, as well as celebrating the shop's reopening after a short break over New Years. 

He said: "The first 100 will be free, it will be a standard cone of chips with salt and vinegar, extras will cost more. 

"I am going to do the cones tonight, and whoever comes in, the chips will be free. 

The Bolton News: Owner Sebastian Coman, left, will be giving them away from 11am tomorrowOwner Sebastian Coman, left, will be giving them away from 11am tomorrow (Image: Public)

"I am back open  again tomorrow and working with the community because my thing is to give something to my customers. 

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"I will start from bang-on 11am and it will go until the last of the 100 customers, then I will close 5.30pm as per usual." 

Having opened in April 2022, Sebastian prides his business on the art of the potato chip, with a range of made-in-house toppings and accompaniments. 

He added: "I am unique as my brand Chip&Go, what I do with chips, loaded chips.

The Bolton News: A cone of chips with gravyA cone of chips with gravy (Image: Public)

"A lot of places have loaded fries, chip shops, pubs do loaded fries, they have the options, but loaded fries is my identity. 

"I serve top quality chips, my chips they never stay in the warmer for the next customer, they are always fresh, the chips I don't like go in the bin. 

"I always make sure customers get what they expect, that is why they keep coming back and why I have never had a complaint. I am always very confident about what I do."