A scheme to build a house over a historic set of stables has once again been thrown out.

This marks the second time that developers have been refused permission to build a new home over green belt land at the stables on George’s Lane, Horwich.

Planning officers ruled that they could not allow this on the green belt and on a conservation area around the Wallsuches area.

Cabinet member for the environment Cllr Richard Silvester said: “I am very pleased that for a second time, yet again the planning officer has refused such a proposal to build a dwelling at this location.

“It's absolutely clear now that such a development would be detrimental, visually impacting the green belt and the Wallsuches Conservation Area.

The Bolton News: An artist's 3-D impression of what the house would have looked likeAn artist's 3-D impression of what the house would have looked like (Image: Architecture Unknown))

“The planning officer has agreed to everything that I pointed out in my objection submission.

“The applicant should now abandon their plans as it's not going to happen.”

The latest proposal was put before Bolton Council on Wednesday October 11 last year.

If it had been approved, the plan would have seen the two small stables demolished with a single house and two parking places built over it.

The developers had also scaled down the proposed size of the house, after the last bid was turned down in early 2023.

A Bolton Council report said: “The proposed dwelling would be of a modest scale and would be sited in the same location to the stable block.

“The development has been amended in size since the recently refused application and would have a smaller volume and footprint than the existing stables and would be arranged in a linear alignment with parking area to front.”

But the officers still felt that the plan would not be appropriate for green belt land.

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The report said: “It is acknowledged that the council is not able to demonstrate a five year supply of deliverable housing sites.

“This represents a housing shortfall.”

It added: “However, it is found that the identified harm to green belt, landscape character, and Conservation Area is substantial.

“This is a matter which significantly and demonstrably outweighs the very limited, albeit positive, social and economic contribution from the provision of one dwelling to the housing undersupply/delivery position.”

The plans were refused on Friday January 12.