Two ‘wannabe Dukes of Hazzard’ have had their vehicle seized after reportedly revving, racing, and skidding.

The pair were spotted by officers on a retail car park in Breightmet.

The reference comes from an American, action, and comedy show where some ‘good old boys’ mean no harm, unlike the cousins Bo and Luke Duke.

A spokesperson for GMP Traffic said: “Officers noticed two wannabe Dukes of Hazzard revving, racing, and skidding on a retail car park, Breightmet.

“Those good old boys didn't stand a chance, unlike the Sheriff at Hazzard County, GMP can seize a car if you're using it antisocially.

“Bo and Luke Duke are on the bus home.”

It comes as police penalised a motorist for driving in an anti-social manner in Great Lever earlier this month whilst out on the beat.

It was one of many vehicles seized in recent months.

Just last week a vehicle was seized in Hulton as well as in Rumworth, which were both suspected to be stolen.

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