Work is underway to fix a historic wall in Egerton following safety concerns that it could become a danger.

Egerton Wall on Blackburn Road is opposite Egerton Park and is part of the village's heritage

Following discussions with town hall chiefs around six months ago work has now got underway, which will last between 8-10 weeks.

Ward Cllr Nadim Muslim says the work will make the area safer structurally for pedestrians and drivers.

Cllr Muslim said: “It is being fixed because it’s been around for so long and because of general deterioration over time.

“From a certain angle it doesn’t look that high, but on the other side it’s quite a drop, and quite a tall wall, and it could be quite dangerous on the other side.”

The work will involve undertaking masonry repairs and pointing to prevent further deterioration of the wall.

The most difficult part of the scheme will involve masonry replacement alongside the Union Street to Blackburn Road access ramp.

Cllr Nadim says that an order was put in for temporary traffic lights, and to suspend the bus stop opposite Egerton Park, but at the moment this is not needed.

However, there is a possibility that this will need to be carried out.

Cllr Muslim said: “It’s understood that this work may cause some disruption to pedestrians and drivers alike but hopefully the work will be completed sooner than planned.

“It’s important that we restore that wall and keep it structurally sound for the future.

“It has been around for decades, and it’s part of the heritage around Egerton, so it’s important we protect it, and also make it safe now so that it is a preventative rather than waiting for something to go wrong.”

It comes as the woodland area between Ryeburn Driver and Pebble Close needed a little TLC after fencing and benches had become worn over time.

Using local Area Forum funding, Ward councillors Cllr Nadim Muslim, Cllr Amy Cowen, and Cllr Sam Connor, sought to repair the fencing and gating to the fishing lodge area.

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