A nursery, where children are happy, is determined to get its good rating back.

Super Stars Nursery in Farnworth was found to be a place where "children are happy and settled," during an Ofsted visit.

Inspectors found: "They establish strong bonds with caring staff who know them well.

"Children receive lots of praise and encouragement from staff."

But despite this the nursery received a ‘requires improvement’ notice by Ofsted.

The nursery stressed that an action plan is now in place.

Super Stars Nursery, on Longcauseway, was rated for its quality of education, behaviour and attitudes, personal development, and its leadership and management.

The inspection found that leaders ensured effective systems were in place for recruitment and their safeguarding was effective.

Inspector Jenny Burgeen found that leaders and staff plan and provide a curriculum which introduces children to new experiences, and that the quality of education was varied.

The report also said that staff did not “consistently” provide children with opportunities that build on what they already know and can do.

The Bolton News: Bright stars roomBright stars room (Image: Super Stars Nursery)

The report said: “This means that children do not learn as much as they could.

“Despite these weaknesses, children are happy and settled.

“They establish strong bonds with caring staff who know them well.

Children receive lots of praise and encouragement from staff, for example, when they pour the ingredients to make dough.

Staff introduce vocabulary such as 'squidgy' to describe what the dough feels like.”

Managing director Clair Beswick said that the rating is ‘deeply disappointing’ after continuously receiving a ‘good’ rating for almost 20 years, but they have fully taken on board the comments from Ofsted.

The Bolton News: Tiny Stars roomTiny Stars room (Image: Super Stars Nursery)The report found that whilst the curriculum helped children begin to learn some positive behaviours, children were not consistently reminded of the expectations of their behaviour.

The report said: “For example, staff do not support children to remain seated and engaged during story time.

“This means that children do not benefit from some of the curriculum.

“Children continue to play when they have runny noses.

“In addition, staff do not consistently help children to understand and adhere to hygiene routines which are necessary for their good health.

“Despite teaching some independence skills, such as in toileting and handwashing before mealtimes, staff do not consistently support children to follow good hygiene practices.”

The Bolton News: Super Stars NurserySuper Stars Nursery (Image: Google)Miss Beswick said: “After 19 years of continuously receiving ‘good’ ratings following our Ofsted inspections, we are obviously deeply disappointed to learn that, following the latest inspection, the nursery ‘requires improvement’.

“That said, we have fully taken on board the comments made by Ofsted and the recommendations for action outlined in their report.

“The management team, with the support of all our dedicated staff, have already put in place a plan of action for continuous improvement which we are confident will secure our ‘good’ rating again at the next inspection.

“We are very heartened to note that there are many positive comments about the nursery in the Ofsted report, which recognises that children at Super Stars are ‘happy and settled’.

“The report also recognises that children ‘establish strong bonds with caring staff who know them well’.

“It also states that our curriculum ‘helps children begin to learn some positive behaviours’ and that our staff ‘secure attachments which support children to feel safe’, and this is testament to our hardworking team at Super Stars Nursery.

“We would welcome any meeting with parents or carers of children in our nursery who have any concerns about the report and discuss with them how we have put in place improvements for the year ahead.”

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