A Bolton bar has lost its licence after a horrific 'glassing through to the bone' attack which left the victim with nerve damage.

2 Stories on Bradshawgate had its licence suspended after the incident in December, as an emergency interim order after the incident.

Now after a full Bolton Council hearing, the licence has been revoked after the committee heard about the poor response of staff to the incident and other issues put forward by police.

Police had called for a review of the licence on the grounds the premises were associated with serious crime.

CCTV was shown at the hearing  which showed the incident along with the 'interaction with the designated premises supervisor (DPS) and the injuries caused to the attacked party'.

Additional CCTV footage was shown which related to a promotional drinks offer at the premises and also in relation to a "person being unconscious outside the premises due to intoxication."

PC Brookfield and PC Heald presented the case for Greater Manchester Police and outlined the investigation, the case currently being with the Crown Prosecution Service.

The hearing was told that on December, 16 2023 an "individual had suffered a serious injury which included glassing through to the bone of the face, nerve damage and also plastic surgery had subsequently been undertaken."

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The minutes of the ruling state that police could not "establish who worked at the venue and urgently needed to have access to the CCTV."

The police explained that they found the DPS to be obstructive in this regard and alleged that he was heavily intoxicated.

The minutes of the hearing state: "The lack of early access to the CCTV had hindered their investigation and had resulted in an altercation continuing at the hospital when both the victim and suspect attended there.

"The police indicated that, had they had access to the CCTV earlier, they would have apprehended the suspect before being able to attend hospital.

"In addition, by not being able to apprehend the suspect sooner meant that they had been unable to secure physical evidence."

The CCTV was later accessed by a police IT expert, without the assistance of any member of staff from the venue.

The minutes state: "Also, it was explained that the venue manager was not identified and did not help the police during their on-site investigations. Also highlighted was the apparent poor response from staff regarding the incident.

"The police also referred to irresponsible drinks promotions at the premises including 10 drinks for £10 with a wristband but there was evidence that people were able to purchase two wrist bands, underage customers being found in the premises."

Police requested consideration be given to the revocation of the premises licence as the "environment was unsafe for staff and customers alike".

The DPS said they had a good relationship with the police and apologised for his failings on the night of the incident.

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The committee agreed to revoke the licence of the Bradshawgate business.

The reasons given for this were the failure of the designated premise holder in their response to the incident, the serious nature of it, the lack of clarity as to who worked at the venue, failures over CCTV, irresponsible drinks promotion and paramedics being called to intoxicated customers.

The premise opened in July 2022.