While the UK is home to some stunning sights, the roads to get there can sometimes be questionable and even dangerous.

The A57, known as Snake Pass, has been listed as one of the UK’s most dangerous roads.

Introducing the list, jmw said: “The UK is home to some of the most beautiful landscapes in the world. However, it is also home to some of the most dangerous roads.

“From scary hilltop drives to sharp winding bends, even the best of drivers can find themselves overwhelmed by the challenges that lie ahead of them.

“Planning your journeys ahead can be extremely beneficial - especially if you know your journey involves travel on dangerous roads.”

If you’re not familiar with the Snake Pass, it’s one with lots of sharp bends – here’s what jmw had to say about it.

Why is Snake Pass among the most dangerous UK roads?

Snake Pass is known for its winding bends, jmw explained: “Snake Pass is one of the few roads in the UK that really lives up to its name.

“It makes its way through the Pennines with winding bends throughout and was once the main route between Sheffield and Manchester.

“This road was first opened back in 1921 and was engineered as the main linking road between Glossop in the Pennines and Ashopton’s Ladybower Reservoir.


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“Today, the road is known as one of the most accident-prone roads in the UK, with 137 accidents recorded between 2014-2018.

“The area is particularly vulnerable to ice, snow, and subsidence, so it's worth finding a different route if you plan to visit this area during the winter months.”

You can see the full list via the jmw website.

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Top 10 most dangerous roads in the UK

Here are the dangerous roads which feature in the list:

  • The A592 – Kirkstone Pass
  • The A496 – Snowdonia’s Mountainous Passage
  • The A57 – Snake Pass
  • Hardknott Pass
  • The A1 – Rutland
  • The A388 – Launceston to Lifton
  • The A537 – Cat and Fiddle Road
  • The A258 – Petworth, West Sussex to Chichester
  • The A303/A371 – Gateway to Somerset
  • Rosedale Chimney Bank

Find out more about the dangerous roads via the jmw website.