A man suspected of driving without insurance has had his car seized by police.

Bolton North Neighbourhood police pulled the man over in Halliwell last night, February 1, with officers saying he seen was driving in his silver Toyota Avensis with no seatbelt on. 

Police says checks showed he seemed to be driving without insurance. 

A GMP spokesperson said: "Officers from the Bolton North Neighbourhood Team spotted this vehicle in Halliwell this evening as the driver was not wearing a seat belt. 

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"Enquiries established that the driver did not have insurance to drive the vehicle.

The Bolton News: The seized carThe seized car (Image: GMP)

"The vehicle was seized under S165 of the Road Traffic Act and the driver was given a Traffic Offence Report (TOR).

"Officers also gave words of advice to the driver in relation to him not wearing a seatbelt." 

Under UK traffic law a motorist found to be driving without insurance can face a fine and six points on their driving licence. 

If there are matters which aggravate the case, such as sustained uninsured use of a vehicle, they may be banned from the roads.