A 66-year-old woman has been left traumatised after balaclava clad men broke into her home and demanded money.

The terrifying incident happened on Friday, January 26 at 9.30pm on Wigan Road, Deane.

The woman was in her bedroom when she was confronted by two men wearing black balaclavas.

Her family say the men demanded cash and walked towards here before rifling through the wardrobe.

The fled empty handed.

The woman tried to subtly ring family members but was not able to get through.

Following this she rang the police who arrived after the men left.

She found the men had broken the patio door to gain access to the property.

The woman's daughter said: “She did not know when they ran out. She was frozen in her room.

“They went through everything looking or cash.

“There was a brand new TV but they just wanted cash.

“She rang me but my phone was on charge. She rang by brother who then rang my son’s phone.

“I was obviously really really scared for my mum. I went straight there.

“By the time I got there the police were there and other family members had come."

Her daughter added: “She feels traumatised.

“She is scared to be in the house on her own.She has lived in the house her whole live.

“It is the house I grew up in. At the time she thought this is it they are going to attack me.

“She was just really really scared.”

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Her daughter continued: “I would hope someone can help if they have any information or any footage.” 

“We have read that something similar happened in Leigh so it could be connected to that.

Greater Manchester Police have been approached for a comment.