An increase in council tax of more than five per cent is one step from approval after it was given the green light by the cabinet on Bolton Council.

The increase was on the agenda at the town hall this week among other measures aimed at addressing a multi-million-pound hole in the budget for the financial year from April 2024.

Some of the other measures include cuts of £8.6m across all areas, from adults' services and children's services to recycling and street lighting, as well as the use of £10m in reserves.

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The budget for the financial year from April 2024 is in a stronger situation than it was when it went to a consultation last month thanks to last-minute funding for all authorities across the country, of which the council is line for more than £2m, as well as one-off funding from Recycle for Greater Manchester (R4GM).

However the increase in council tax and other measures were given the green light by the cabinet on Bolton Council, which made a resolution on what to do with the one-off funding from R4GM.

The resolution said: "In respect of the one-off returned funds from the Greater Manchester Waste Disposal Authority reserves totalling £1.2m the cabinet recommends to the council the following:

"£600,000 be allocated to ward councillors on an equal basis (£30,000 per ward) and £600,000 be allocated to schemes across the borough which aim to improve community safety, improve children's play areas and improve the environment. A Policy Development Group will be set up to agree on the details of these schemes."

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The opposition parties to the Labour Group played their cards close to their chest this week but are allowed to table amendments on matters including council tax and cuts at the budget debate next week.

The Labour Group needs a majority at the budget debate on the evening of February 14, Valentine's Day, and it needs support from other parties as it has 28 seats out of 60 seats in the council chamber.

Once the budget is approved it comes into effect for the financial year from April 2024.

This article was written by Jack Tooth. To contact him, email or follow @JTRTooth on Twitter.