Police found a man had been dealing medical drugs from a shop in Bolton after someone who had bought them suffered a bad reaction, a court heard.

Hikmatyar Khan sold the substances from the Super Pound Store in Halliwell.

Bolton Crown Court heard the ambulance was called in October 2020 to reports a man had been been taken unconscious in the town.

Katy Laverty, prosecuting, said: “The partner of the male disclosed that they had purchased Diazepam from the Super Pound Store. Officers attended and arrested the defendant.

“Items were seized from the store.

“Phone evidence suggested he is involved in supply of the drugs seized.

“The total value of the drugs was £1,047.”

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Khan, 34 and from Halliwell Road, Bolton, appeared in court to be sentenced after admitting possessing with intent to supply class C drugs Gabapentin, Tramadol, Buprenorphine and Pregabalin and class B drugs Codeine and Dijydrocodeine.

He told the probation officer this had only been going on for two weeks.

However phone records indicated this had been going on for more months before this.

Steve Sullivan, defending, said: “It will be my submission that this sentence can be suspended.”

He said he had bought the business in 2017 and lived in rented accommodation above it.

He said the case had caused him “great anxiety” at the time and when it came back to court which is why he misled the probation service.

But Judge Nicholas Clarke KC said he wanted more information about the case before he could pass sentence.

He wanted “chapter and verse” about his business affairs for the past three years including bank statements and also further information about exactly how long the dealing had been gone one for and how long the drugs had been sold for.

Khan will return to court in April to be sentenced.